4women project

  • The project “Social inclusion of migrant women through art, sport, civic education, and group coaching” (4women) is being developed in the frame of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the adult education sector.

    The 4women project is based on the partners’ practices that use civics, art, and sport, and especially the benefits of self-defense training and group coaching, could help to bring people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds together and can contribute to the integration and inclusion of women with migrant backgrounds and therefore to the community cohesion.

    To this end, the project aims to:- Build a social integration model for migrant women linked with non-formal education and life-long learning (LLL) methods;- Exchange knowledge and transfer good practices among partners on art, sport, civic education, and group coaching of vulnerable adults;- Empower migrant women towards social inclusion, civic engagement and participation in the EU societies;- Provide awareness-raising opportunities for stakeholders and the general public to support migrant women in their integration process;- Promote intercultural dialogue and strengthen knowledge and acceptance of social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity in society.4women will increase the opportunities for social inclusion of all women, regardless of nationality, race, and gender, using art, civics, and sport values and taking into account the underlying European values.