Transnational meetings

Kick off meeting – Monteveglio, Italy, October 2020

TM2 – Poitiers, France, July 2021

TM3– Berlin, Germany, December 2021

TM4– Cisterniga, Spain, August 2022

Virtual meetings

Joint Staff Training

The main objective of the short-term joint staff training activity is the exchange of best practices in the use of art, civics, sport, and coaching methods among adult education providers (trainers, teachers, social workers, mentors, coaches). The 4women project concept and methodology aims to adopt different tools based on these approaches to improve the social inclusion of migrant women, who are the final beneficiaries of the project in the 4 partner countries – Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. It brings added value to the achievement of the project objectives, as the activity has gathered educators from 4 Member States to work together on the developed output and exchange best practices, extending their competences in the adult education field.

Pilot workshops

Multiplier events

Spain, 14/07/2022

Italy, 11/09/2022

Germany, 11/09/2022

France & Przemysl Poland, 11-12/09/2022

BIDA presents the 4women Project in Fachtagung Life Skills – Zukunft der Erwachsenenbildung


Erfurt, Germany